‘Escape to the illusion’
‘Escape to the illusion
‘Escape to the illusion’
About Us

About Roukh Kiri

Welcome to Roukh Kiri Khao Yai, where luxury is defined by simplicity of design and nature escapism. The 12-villa barn-inspired resort is recognized as a leading leisure destination where guests can truly enjoy the flora and fresh air of the province. The resort is nestled along Khao Yai National Park, a lush and expansive sanctuary with beautiful mountain views.

Our location is the perfect haven for all types of travelers, from honeymoon-goers to adventure seekers. Let nature’s embrace welcome you to a true escape; revitalizing your body, mind, and soul.

Roukh kiri is equipped with facilities and services to keep you relaxed in the lap of luxury. These include an outdoor swimming pool with a panoramic view, a communal fireplace that connects to our open-air restaurant and bar where ingredients are collected from our local organic vegetable garden.

While at the resort, guests can experience a range of activities, from jungle trekking and canoeing in Khao Yai National Park to stargazing with your family. The tropical climate, spirited culture, picturesque scenery, and the friendliness of Thai people all combine to make for an unforgettable trip. For your most memorable holidays, Roukh Kiri Khao Yai is the best choice for a once in a lifetime experience.

Roukh Kiri champions its close-knit relationship to sustainability through use of the best industry environmental practices concerning facilities, amenities and F&B. We hope to encourage change by promoting philanthropic insights for the advanced protection of the environment. We are based in one of the world’s oldest rainforest areas and are surrounded by the protected forests of Khao Yai National Park. Nature and its well-being are very important to us and our visitors.

We welcome you to visit us at Roukh Kiri and to marvel at the breathtaking landscapes within Khao Yai National Park.