‘Escape to the illusion’
‘Escape to the illusion
‘Escape to the illusion’

Things to do in Khao Yai
Khao Yai has many attractions and novel locales to visit during your stay. The province is a haven for both adventure and nature lovers. While most adventure activities are focused on the Saraburi-Pakchong route, the Prachinburi-Wang Nam Kheo side is more about Agro-tourism. With beautiful mountain views, world-class accommodations, and delicious Thai cuisine, Khao Yai is the perfect getaway for solo travelers and couples alike. Long rated as one of the world’s top destinations for travelers, Khao Yai offers a rich and exciting range of activities and attractions for all ages. Our staff at the hotels recommend the following:

Khao Yai National Park

Luscious rainforest where guests are able to observe everything
nature has to offer. With sightseeing location, wildlife sighting, camping sight, trekking and also kayak available. The national park also offers a night safari for an extra exciting activities.

Villa musee

Villa musee: Compilation of colonial and traditional Thai houses that have been bought
from various regions of Thailand and restored to their original beauty.

Thong Somboon Club

Tap into adventurous cowboy style activities that are meant for
Khao Yai. Ranging from horse riding to laser tag, there are variety of activities for all ages.

Scenical World

Newest and largest themed park and water park in North East region of
Thailand. With one location but double the fun.

Ban Tha Chang Spring

Natural spring that emit a clear emerald colour surrounded by the richness of nature are inviting you to picnic by the spring and have a swim.

Khao Yai Art Museum

Exhibiting Thailand’s leading artists’ contemporary art. It acts as both museum and art learning centre that demonstrate intellectual wisdom in terms of art, architecture, decorative art and landscape composition in the midst of nature.

Primo Piazza

“The Italy of Thailand” offers stunning scenery, gorgeous Italian architecture, a unique atmosphere and various activities such as feeding Alpaca donkey and sheep.

PB Wine Valley

Take a tour down the finest winery with a tasting tours conducted by a
professional and enjoy incredible mountain views of Khao Yai while savouring the best- quality wines Thailand has to offer.

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